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Your Questions Answered

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line and our support team will be happy to find the answer for you.

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Will insurance cover my visit?

Woodley Health and Wellness, PLLC is a fee for service establishment.  Insurance is not billed and the patient is responsible for payment at the time of visit.  By not involving insurance, Woodley Health and Wellness is able to provide quality care without insurance placing constraints on services recommended.  While the cost of the home visit is not covered by insurance, the patient can still utilize their insurance plans to cover outside laboratory and radiology services that Woodley Health and Wellness is able to order, pending plan coverage.

Nurse Checking Girl

Do I still need to carry insurance for myself if I'm using Woodley Health and Wellness for my care?

Yes!  Woodley Health and Wellness, PLLC does not replace the need for health insurance coverage.  It is important to have health insurance coverage for high cost events such as hospitalizations or emergency room visits.  Health insurance often covers necessary labs and radiology that Woodley Health and Wellness may recommend during a home visit.  It is the patients responsibility to determine with their insurance, what is and is not covered regarding labs and radiology, as well as reimbursement for care provided by Woodley Health and Wellness.

Doctor and Patient

What is your new patient procedure?

If you'd like to become a patient of Woodley Health and Wellness, and you are a resident of Loudoun County, in Leesburg and areas west, please call or text (571)207-6933 to book your appointment.  Once booked, you will be sent via email, a registration packet to gather your health history and notify you of office policies and procedure, along with HIPAA compliance information.  

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